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I am using gmap4rails, my rails version is 4.

In earlier version we can use the map options like below:

<%= gmaps("markers" => { "data" => @markers, "options" => { "randomize" => true, "width" => 22, "length" => 32 } }) %>

Below is my latest gmap4rails version code:

<div style='width: 800px;'>
  <div id="multi_markers" style='width: 520px; height: 350px;'></div>

  var handler ='Google');
  handler.buildMap(internal: {id: 'multi_markers'}}, function(){
    var markers = handler.addMarkers(<%=raw @data.to_json %>);

I want to display the multiple marker for one location. For that I want to add the map options "randomize and max_random_distance" in my gmap. How can I add this in my latest version of gmap4rails. Please help me out. Thanks in advance!!!.

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I have fixed this issue by adding the below line in the gmap_google.js file Changed the maxRandomDistance: 0 to maxRandomDistance: 100, and added the randomize: true Now the issue got fixed. – Ruk Mar 22 '14 at 10:04
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You dont need to edit the source, you can pass params:

handler ='Google', { markers: { maxRandomDistance: 100 } });
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