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I use query like this:
SELECT table.field FROM table WHERE table.field > 0
Would WHERE clause be working if table.field contain NULL value?

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What do you want to happen if field is null? Include in results or not? –  Bohemian Mar 22 at 12:01
not need to include if field contain NULL –  Elmer Robust Mar 22 at 12:03
you can just check SELECT NULL = 0; –  Grijesh Chauhan Mar 22 at 12:05
your query already does that: A null value is not true for any comparison other than by is null and is not null –  Bohemian Mar 22 at 12:05
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The where clause will work the way it is supposed to. Just about all comparisons to NULL return NULL, which is treated as "false" in the where clause.

So, all these expressions will return no rows if the value is NULL:

WHERE table.field > 0
WHERE table.field = 0
WHERE table.field < 0
WHERE table.field <> 0

If you are concerned about NULL values, test for them explicitly (using is null or is not null) or use a function like coalesce() to give the field a value when it is NULL.

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Do we have some way to CAST NULL into boolean in MySQL? I tried but couldn't find. –  Grijesh Chauhan Mar 22 at 12:09
@GrijeshChauhan . . . You don't need to cast it. Just say field is not null and MySQL gives a boolean result, which is "true" (1) if the field is not null and "false" (0) if the field is. –  Gordon Linoff Mar 22 at 12:13
Ok, I got it, I tried > SET @a = NULL; SELECT @a is NULL; thanks! –  Grijesh Chauhan Mar 22 at 12:18
Thanks for this complete answer! –  Elmer Robust Mar 22 at 12:20
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you can do this to be sure.

 SELECT table.field FROM table WHERE table.field > 0
                               AND table.field is not null
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-1 the test for is not null adds no value, since the original test for > 0 will not be true if field is null. –  Bohemian Mar 22 at 11:59
@Bohemian good catcher :) , edited my answer. –  echo_Me Mar 22 at 12:01
but now it will return every non-null row, eg if field is -1 it will be returned: That hardly makes sense if the original test was for field > 0. You are barking up the wrong tree. –  Bohemian Mar 22 at 12:03
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