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Here I am setting multiple value for key city

Vertex v = g.addVertex(null);
TitanVertex v2=(TitanVertex)v;
v2.addProperty("city", "NY");
v2.addProperty("city", "WS");
v2.addProperty("city", "PER");

Here i am indexing

g.makeKey("city").dataType(String.class).indexed("search", Vertex.class).make();

When I do below

TitanVertex tv = (TitanVertex)vertex;
Iterator<TitanProperty> iterator = tv.getProperties("city").iterator();
   TitanProperty next = iterator.next();

It only print PER but not NY 'WS`. Why?

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For NY you wrote city instead of City as Property name: is it a typo in your code on just here? –  MarcoCI Mar 23 '14 at 14:53
oh sorry its city but still result is same i.e. only PER is printing –  Manish Mar 24 '14 at 4:23

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Looks like you need to use .list() to create a multi-value key (otherwise the default is a single-value key; see docs).

Unfortunately, I'm not sure you can use multi-value keys in your external index:

gremlin> g.makeKey("city").list().dataType(String.class).indexed("search", Vertex.class).make();
Only standard index is allowed on list property keys

With a standard index, though:

gremlin> g.makeKey("city").list().dataType(String.class).indexed("standard", Vertex.class).make();
gremlin> v = g.addVertex(null)
gremlin> v.addProperty("city","NY")
gremlin> v.addProperty("city","WS")
gremlin> v.addProperty("city","PER")
gremlin> g.commit()
gremlin> v.map
==>{city=[NY, WS, PER]}
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