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Hell i am trying to compare textview value with button how can i do it?

i tried this way but not working.

button xml - android:tag = "1"


Button btn = (Button) findViewById(id); 
string valu = btn.getTag();
string txt = textView.getText();

// do what you want
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what is the issue you getting –  Biraj Zalavadia Mar 22 at 13:03
Just print valu in your log and see if is it getting value of 1 or not? –  Piyush Gupta Mar 22 at 13:20

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try this:


getText() returns a CharSequence not a String. Because of that your equals must be false.

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thank you sir its working you are great :) –  Boldbayar Mar 22 at 13:25
my pleasure.... –  Stefan Beike Mar 22 at 13:58

Simply use this.

if (b.getTag().toString().equalsIgnoreCase(tv.getText().toString())) {

   Toast.makeText(getApplicationContext(), "HI", 9000).show();
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