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I have an Artifactory instance running an old version of the community software(not pro) that is about to tear down. We experienced lots of index corruption and crashes recently and I'm very concerned about a fatal crash. There's is a lot of artifacts in it and some very precious ones for our business.

I wish to import artifacts from that old instance to a fresh install running the latest version.

I want to know:

  • what is the best path?
  • is the migration safe, could it trigger instability on the old Arti?
  • Is there a way to do a copy/sync will the old Artifactory remains usable?
  • is it possible to filter out artifacts that I don't want to copy?
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You need to export the artifacts (and, probably, the configuration as well) from the old instance and import them into a new one.

If you have consistency issues, that might affect the export. I would suggest backing up Artifactory (by creating system export), running consistency fix and reindexing and then export again, upgrade and import.

Good news - on the new version you never will have to reindex or run consistency fix :)

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Hi, thanks for your answer, any chance I could clean my export or I should export and import as is and cleanup on the new install? –  vinni_f Mar 23 at 13:49
Of course, export is a directory tree with all the artifacts inside. you can clean it up in the way you like. –  JBaruch Mar 23 at 15:16
Just tried the Consistency Fix and artifactory crashed after a while. It had only 1gb of memory allowed. I will retry with 2. –  vinni_f Mar 24 at 23:39
update. tried it with 2gb and the fix went good. Now exporting... –  vinni_f Mar 25 at 1:24
turns out it went perfect. many thanks –  vinni_f Mar 25 at 17:46

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