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I'm dealing with the problem: How to send or receive data over the usb connection (e.g bytes streaming over this connection? (I'm somewhat crazy with this thought?)) ?

And the problem is not just that:

I don't know whether I can create a data channel (this may sound crazy again with some pros) through the usb connection, but I will use the phrase "data channel".

  1. I searched for the solution on the internet and found some libraries that help me to do this. But then I thought, they are not native with the OS they work on. What I need here is the APIs of the OS that help me to open a data channel through an usb port (because there are several usb ports on an PC, and an USB port allows ... 127 devices to connect with it).

  2. The OS(es) can easily send/receive data over the usb connection, so I think there must be an APIs that help me to create a data channel through the usb connection, and then, I can easily send/receive data like I do with TCP/UDP sockets.

  3. I found a document here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff802693.aspx, can I program to use the serial communication to solve my problem?

  4. I just want to send/receive bytes of data through the usb connection, not to BUILD A DEVICE THAT CONNECT TO THE PC THROUGH USB CONNECTION.

On Android, I can use Host Mode http://developer.android.com/guide/topics/connectivity/usb/host.html to send data to usb devices. E.g, send this data to PC and how can I receive this data on PC?

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