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I'm writing a winforms application in C#. I want to have some folders (and potentially some files) always in my program's ('install') directory which I will be using in the application. Potentially moving these when I deploy the app on different machines. I also need these to be present when I am writing, compiling and testing the programme obviously.

How can I do this without writing code to create these folders on programme startup?

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Right click in solution explorer and add folder ?? –  Tony Hopkinson Mar 22 at 16:06

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You can add whatever files you want to work with in your project and then set the

Copy to Output Directory property of the files to Copy always option.

so that the files willbe always copied to your output directory either bin/Debug or bin/Release and you can always access them.

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And don't forget to set the Build Action to Content. –  Dmitry Mar 22 at 16:17

To copy a directory, go to Project->Properties->Build Events and add this:

XCOPY "$(SolutionDir)Resources\MyDir" "$(TargetDir)\MyDir\" /S /Y

"/S" will copy files recursively, and "/Y" will overwrite without prompt.

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