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Is there any existing addon spec for markdown that includes support for RTL languages?

What I'm hoping for is something like

This paragraph is left to right
<- This paragraph is right to left

Or something... I can tweak my parser to handle this but I want to make sure it doesn't exist already.

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You can just write in Hebrew/Arabic and in the code, insert the markdown in a div and put style="direction: rtl" it'll make the text rtl, and the rest of the page ltr – Nir Jun 5 '15 at 13:49
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Here is a JavaScript implementation of Markdown, which (according to the commit comments) adds support for RTL languages, namely Arabic, Hebrew, Syriac, Thaana. And it seems trivially easy to add more languages.

It's based on Showdown,

It seems to automatically understand whether or not to render the text from right to left.
Consider this code snippet: (from the very first commit at GitHub)

var p_tag = "<p>";
var rtl_p_tag = "<p style='direction:rtl; text-align: right'>";

// Check for RTL paragraphs: paragraphs that start with a character
// from an RTL script.
// RTL scripts are: Arabic, Hebrew, Syriac, Thaana
// Unicode ranges reference:
var first_char = str.charCodeAt(\S/)); //first non-white-space char
if(first_char >= 1424 && first_char <= 1983) 
    p_tag = rtl_p_tag;

    str = _RunSpanGamut(str);
    str = str.replace(/^([ \t]*)/g, p_tag);

Hope this helps,

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Not exactly markdown, but this is how you can override paragraph direction in StackExchange questions and answers (this method does not work for comments):

add &#x202b; (RIGHT-TO-LEFT EMBEDDING) in the beginning of a paragraph does control the direction of this paragraph (auto-reset on <br/> or empty line):

&#x202b;test מה זה? YES<br/>
test1 מה זה? NO
test2 מה זה? NO

&#x202b;test1 מה זה? YES
test2 מה זה? YES

‫test מה זה? YES
test1 מה זה? NO test2 מה זה? NO

‫test1 מה זה? YES test2 מה זה? YES

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‫test מה זה? YES ‮ – Alex Cohn Jan 9 '14 at 14:37
On Github issues using &#x202b; also provides correct results. A little trick is that I need to enclose the RTL paragraph in <p></p> or Github cannot render it. – Yen Chi Hsuan Nov 27 '15 at 14:20

מעניין. עכשיו אני רואה שבעצם יש גם לאתר הזה פה תמיכה בעברית וכתיבה מימין לשמאל. הבעיה היא שזה כותב טוב, אבל בתרגום בתיבה למטה שמציגה כמו שזה אמור להראות זה לא עובד טוב.

The above paragraph was written in Hebrew RTL and was displayed correctly in the input box but not in the preview one. However, there was no support for mixing - having one paragraph RTL and another one LTR. Seems someone needs to port the above Hebrew support in Markdown also for MarkdownSharp, SO's version. Shouldn't be too hard.

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Not markdown, but adding &#x202b; (RIGHT-TO-LEFT EMBEDDING) in the beginning of a paragraph does control the direction of this paragraph (auto-reset on <br/> or empty line). – Alex Cohn Jan 7 '14 at 6:47

I don't find anything in markdown standard for bidi texts. I use my own editor :

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