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I'm trying to speed my tests up by not requiring Rails. Am moving things slowly into modules and testing separately. Things are faster, yay (if a little confusing)...

The only issue I have right now is when a module requires another module.

My guard tests pass however, when running rspec, I get the following:

uninitialized constant UserAlerts::UserMailerHelper (NameError)

My UserAlerts module looks like something like this:

module UserAlerts

  include UserMailerHelper

  def state_events(params)
    .. stuff ...
    state_events_email(emails, params)

  def state_events_email(emails, params)
    emails.each do |email|
      send_message(email, params)

And my UserMailerHelper as so:

module UserMailerHelper

  def send_message(email, params={})


In my spec/lib/user_alerts.rb test, I have something like this:

require File.expand_path("../../../app/lib/user_alerts", __FILE__)

class Biscuit
  include UserAlerts

describe UserAlerts do

  context "finds users to send emails to" do

    it "should return the users who get an email" do
      users = [stub(:email => email, beta: true, system_alerts: 'email'),
               stub(:email => email, beta: false, system_alerts: 'sms')]
      bis = Biscuit.new
      bis.stub(:users) { users }

I run rspec as follows:

rspec -I . ./spec/lib/user_alerts_spec.rb

What should I do to get rspec to pick up the module??

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you also have to require that module. what is app/lib supposed to be? –  phoet Mar 22 at 23:56

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Have you already tried to use Spork to speed up your tests... It does exactly what you are trying to do... https://github.com/sporkrb/spork https://github.com/sporkrb/spork-rails

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That's not the point of this question. The op mentions they're using guard already but are clearly trying to reduce overall load times by removing the Rails dep. –  simonmorley Mar 23 at 11:41

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