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I need to get the current active element on my web page I used


This is working fine in Internet Explorer, but in Firefox it always return empty string ""

Please tell me how can I get active element's id in Firefox?

Here is a simple scenario

I have 2 div with ID div1 and div2 respectively, now when user click on them I should get it's ID

Here is my markup


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That would be the way, though the $() and [0] aren't really necessary for it. If it's returning "", then the activeElement likely doesn't have an id set on it. Is the element with focus the one you're expecting when that line is evaluated? Can you elaborate and possibly include the relevant markup? Perhaps a JSFiddle or JSBin to demonstrate? –  Jonathan Lonowski Mar 22 at 19:45
Please debug your application using console.log(document.activeElement) to see if it's the element you're expecting. This is almost always the first step in resolving such issues. –  cookie monster Mar 22 at 19:55
be aware that document.activeElement isn't always available, when there is no selection, the active element is the page's <body> or null. On a mac any other than text input elements tend not to get focus, this could cause errors because your script expects a non empty array. –  axel.michel Mar 22 at 20:21
I have updated the question with markup –  Muhammad Taqi Mar 23 at 3:14

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Why not use the event's target:

$(document).ready(function () {
   $(document).click(function (e) {

JSFiddle example found here.

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Thanks it worked.... –  Muhammad Taqi Mar 23 at 3:55

The problem is not in the code. But, the fact that, div cannot be active.

In fact, elements, which a user cannot interact, cannot be active.

For such elements, the id of the <body> will be returned.

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