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Since a lot of email clients ignore the HEAD tag, can I embed an inline stylesheet in the body?

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The short answer is no. Gmail strips the tag and it's content.

Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail and Windows Live Mail does not strip style-tags in the body-element.

But take a look at "The Ultimate Guide to CSS" for HTML email over at Campaign Monitor.

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The guide you've linked to is either out of date or in error on what seems like rather an important point. It indicates that Gmail strips out <style> elements regardless of whether they occur in the <head> or the <body>, but a quick test using reveals that they are currently not stripped if they occur in the <head>. (Gmail does strip classes and ids from all elements, though, which reduces the usefulness of this.) – Mark Amery Aug 12 '14 at 22:48

You might want to check out the free html email templates that CampaignMonitor and MailChimp (EDIT: and Ink by Zurb) provide:

There's an updated version of Campaign Monitor's helpful guide here:

Unfortunately, the most reliable HTML to use in emails is totally stone age

EDIT: Ink has an "inliner" tool that takes the contents of style tags and inlines them onto the appropriate elements:

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Creating an HTML email that works in every email client is hard. I spent several months refining a good looking template. - original blog with my findings. - latest greatest.

Specific answer to your question: Gmail will be ok with style="" but not with a <style> block.

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Yes you can. However you have to keep in mind that few email clients respect css standards. Just stick to basic css properties (like margins, padding, etc) and it should be fine.

Also you can style your html elements inline (< div style= " ") though it's not an elegant solution.

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