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When I make a call to user_id/feed in the graph api using my graph token, whether it is the currently authenticated user or any other user, I am getting mostly activity posts such as "user liked this" or "user commented on this". If I use a graph explorer access token I get back a normal feed without the activity results. I am not sure what is the difference. I don't want all the activity stories when I make this call.

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Two things you can do.


Narrow down what information you want from Facebook. Every /feed object returned from Facebook will have a list of people who commented and liked the post.



If you are missing the permission read_stream you won't be able to get this information. You can debug your tokens here https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/accesstoken/

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Thanks Brad. I was wondering about how to not get just "activity" items when making this call to /user/feed. It doesn't happen to me in the graph explorer and I have tried lots of different combinations of permissions. –  John Wright Mar 23 '14 at 2:12
There isn't a call to exclude a certain type of post. The user/feed argument will return everything that users has done on Facebook but if just want certain types of post you'll be able to filter those. –  Brad The Developer Mar 23 '14 at 14:36

You need to get the status_type field in your query. These types of posts have status_type=null

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