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I want to remvoe the title bar in my app. I have done it before a long time ago but I forgot how. If I am right i need to copy a certain folder from the build --> android folder, out to the main folder. I know that i need to write in the manifest. But it keep getting removed in the original manifest.

Sorry if I explain a bit confusing, im on my 6th cup of coffee. But I hope you understand

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Are you talking about the Action Bar? –  Nathan Walters Mar 22 at 20:37
Maybe? I think it is the titlebar. It the one on the top that displays the appname and icon. –  Hunktastic Mar 22 at 20:57
That would be the Action Bar. Just call getActionBar().hide() –  Nathan Walters Mar 22 at 21:02
Hmm did not do the trick. Thanks anyway though –  Hunktastic Mar 22 at 21:37
Can you post some of your code? –  Nathan Walters Mar 22 at 21:39

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