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I have RDF like the following:

resource: r1 <dc:title>Mathematics</dc:title><dc:title>Chemistry</dc:title><dc:size>39</dc:size>
resource:r2 <dc:title>Biology</dc:title><dc:size>42</dc:size>

And I have this SPARQL query to extract the values:

PREFIX dc: <> 
select distinct ?resource ?title ?size  where {
    ?resource dc:title ?title
    ?resource dc:size ?size


resource  title        size 
r1        Mathematics  39
r1        Chemistry    39
r2        Biology      42

But I want to have the following results:

resource  title                   size
r1        Mathematics, Chemistry  39
r2        Biology                 42

How can I solve this problem?

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Duplicated (and answered) at… – Jeen Broekstra Mar 24 '14 at 4:36
possible duplicate of Aggregating results from SPARQL query. In this case, all you need is select ?resource group_concat(?title;separator=',') { ... } group by ?resource ?size. – Joshua Taylor Mar 24 '14 at 13:40

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To get ?resource combined group on it. This also allows you to use GROUP_CONCAT to get the titles truned into a string (the exact order will depend on evaluation).

PREFIX dc: <> 
select ?resource ?size (GROUP_CONCAT(?title) AS ?titles) where {
    ?resource dc:title ?title
    ?resource dc:size ?size
} GROUP BY ?resource ?size

But you may be better of with sorting and doing the fine grained processing in application code:

ORDER BY ?resource ?size ?title

instead of GROUP BY.

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