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I have some structure that I want to render to my JADE page, so I decided to make JSON-like object to render some kind of data (variables, text, js objects), this JSON object looks like :

var dataSet1 = {
    meta: {
        "name": "Some text",
        "minimum": mini_2,
        "maximum": maxi_2,
        "currentValue": last_data_2
    data: {
        "values": dataTwo,
        "corridor": {
            "x1": xc,
            "x2": yc2,
            "yw": yw2

My render line:

res.render('index', {
    data_to_draw: JSON.stringify(dataSet1)

Then I`m using this rendered data on my JADE:


Cannot read property 'values' of undefined Im getting such type of error. Im new with JS , so Im trying to decide what i`m doing wrong. If I will pass data not in js object - it works well, but i need such type of passing data. thanx

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Don't JSON.stringify the object, instead pass the object itself, otherwise you are trying to access the properties of a string, which obviously don't exist.

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its better, but now i`m getting not real data but [object][object] ... –  user2424174 Mar 22 '14 at 22:36

Just need to format code like this:

var dataSet1= [

        "meta": {
            "name": "Veocity variance",
            "minimum": mini_1,
            "maximum": maxi_1,
            "currentValue": last_data_1

        "data": {
            "values": dataOne,
            "corridor": {
                "x1": xc,
                "x2": yc1,
                "yw": yw1

And use such call:


But not forget to render:

res.render('index', {

    first_set:  JSON.stringify([dataSet1, dataSet2, dataSet3]),
    second_set: JSON.stringify([dataSet1, dataSet2, dataSet3]),
    third_set:  JSON.stringify([dataSet1, dataSet2, dataSet3])

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