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Is there a way to conditionally execute php_flag statements in .htaccess? Here are two things I'm trying to do:

Turn error reporting on if the client's IP address matches the IP address I use:

if %{REMOTE_ADDR} == '' then
   php_flag error_reporting 1
   php_flag error_reporting 0

Turn off register_globals if the IP address matches mine, so that I can debug any issues caused by the code expecting this turned on.

if %{REMOTE_ADDR} == '' then
   php_flag register_globals on
   php_flag register_globals on

Thanks for reading!

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I suspect that the problem with your first attempt is that your regular expression is "^192\.168\.0$". This will never match any possible Remote_Addr since you've only got 3 parts to the IP address, with a forced "^" start and "$" end.

Perhaps you intended to use the regular expression "^192\.168\.0\." ?

Note that I've excluded the "$" at the end, so that it doesn't matter how the IP address ends. And that I've included an extra "\." escaped period so that you'll force the matching IP addresses to have an actual "0" and not something like "012", "001", etc (not that these zero-filled parts should be present in any IP address).

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