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How can I remove the "/page/2/" from the url using a regular expression in javascript. Where the 2 can be any number ie. /page/5/. but "page" and the slashes will be consistently there.

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Use this pattern : (.*)[^\/]*\/[^\/]*\/[^\/]*\/$

Full code :

var string = '';
var result = /(.*)[^\/]*\/[^\/]*\/[^\/]*\/$/.exec(string);
var wantedPath = result[1];

Testable here :

note : page can be other thing as your number value.

Please, valid the answer to close your question if it is correct.

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Thank you for the quick response, this works great. I did however forget one step, need to first check that "page" shows up somewhere in the url if not then I will not run the regex. Do you have any ideas for handling that? – George Mar 22 '14 at 23:40
You can modify the regex to work only for page URL. And then make some check as you can see here : – Cyril ALFARO Mar 22 '14 at 23:53
string = string.replace(/\/page\/\d+\//, "");

This should solve your problem. Example is under

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