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I am using the YouTube-like Ajax Loading Bar to load a php file.

This is my Javascript

  target: "#loadingbar-frame",
  replaceURL: false,
  direction: "right",
  async: true, 
  complete: function(xhr, text) {},
  cache: true,
  error: function(xhr, text, e) {},
  global: true,
  headers: {},
  statusCode: {},
  success: function(data, text, xhr) {},
  dataType: "html",
  done: function(data) {}

This is my HTML

<a href="load.php" class="ajax-call">..</a>
<div id="loadingbar-frame"></div>

This is load.php, the file that I'm trying to load

echo 'some content';

I'm haven't used ajax before and I'm not sure why this isn't working.

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success: function(data, text, xhr) {},

is where you get the response, in this example, data will be equal to "some content", so there you can work with the response, for example replace the content of your html page;

success: function (data) {
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Thanks, this worked perfectly! Is there a way that I could send data using POST to the php file? –  stephen Apr 6 at 19:49
api.jquery.com/jQuery.post –  CoolArts Apr 7 at 21:38

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