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Its quite late and being very new to Agiletoolkit I just found out the already implemented quicksearches for Grid/Crud. But unfortunately I want to search in a linked (->hasOne) Field which I can't simply define for quicksearch. So here's my approach. But unfortunately the grid does nothing when refreshing :-(

$anwesenheitTab = $tabs->addTab('Anwesenheit');
$anwesenheitForm = $anwesenheitTab->add('Form');
$anwesenheitForm->addField('Search', 'Person');   

$anwesenheitGrid = $anwesenheitTab->add('CRUD');
if($anwesenheitGrid->grid) {

$anwesenheitForm->onSubmit(function($anwesenheitForm) use ($anwesenheitGrid) {
    $contact = $this->add('Model_Kontakte')->dsql();
    $contact->where(array(array('first_name','like', '%'.$anwesenheitForm->get('Person').'%'), array('last_name','like','%'.$anwesenheitForm->get('Person').'%')))
    $data = $contact->get();
    if(is_array($data)) {
        foreach($data as $v_arr) {
            $data_array_translation[]= $v_arr['id'];
        $dataI = '('.implode(',',$data_array_translation).')';


    return $anwesenheitForm->js(null, $anwesenheitGrid->grid->js()->reload())->univ()->alert('Contact '. $data. ' or' .$dataI);

The Model Structure:


            return $q->expr('concat([f1]," ",[f2])')


$this->hasOne('Kontakte', 'contact_id')->caption('Person');
$this->hasOne('Veranstaltung', 'veranstaltung_id')->caption('Veranstaltung');

I am appreciating any help in getting the grid to accept the new where condition and reload magically :-) Or even the simple way to tell the quicksearch to search in a linked models field. Thanks in Advance.

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Okay. I "solved" the Quicksearch-Thing. Simply a Model->debug() shows the right linked-field name used and now is in the addquicksearch-array. fine, dumbass. but. what was wrong with my approach? –  Hans Mar 23 at 9:38

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