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Hope the evening is a more than hospitable one and you have traded your emacs terminal for some bonne-vivant Ralph Lauren catalog dinner party type scene. As for me, I'm trying to parse a CSV in Julia and things are deteriorating. Here is my code:

f2=open("/Users/MacBookPro15/testnovo.csv", "r")


for line in eachline(f2)

    string_split=split(line, ",")



Now if I substitute string_split[2] or anything other than [1] I get a BoundsError and it's rather frustrating because I need those items. Can anyone tell me how to avoid this? Thanks so much.

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Check length(string_split) and for col in string_split println(col) end. BoundsError means that there were no commas on that particular line so there is only 1 element in string_split. As @BenHamner suggests, you have brought a knife to a gunfight and should shop around for a proper CSV parser or at-least a well-debugged regular expression to do this. –  Michael Fox Mar 23 '14 at 9:35
trust me there are commas. –  Chase CB Mar 23 '14 at 17:54
So debug it. Catch the exception and print the line and string_split it choked on. Maybe the first or last line is blank. Maybe some Unicode looks like a , but isn't. Maybe you found a bug in Julia itself -- there's a few. –  Michael Fox Mar 24 '14 at 7:21

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Every time I hear "parsing a CSV" I want to duck and cover my ears, before I get flashbacks of a missing quote, or a 32-column line 98% of the way through a 33-column, 10GB csv file.

Fortunately, there are two useful functions that'll prevent you from rolling your own csv parser:

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dataframes is out....the file is 8 gigs and it took dataframes 8 hours which ain't gonna work given the fast paced nature of my existence. is there a way to work the readcsv function line by line? Thanks. –  Chase CB Mar 23 '14 at 2:00
@ChaseCB I'd say check the source for readcsv in base/datafmt.jl but I did and it's not helpful. It will try to choke the whole file into memory to determine dimensions to allocate storage beforehand. This is no solution for your 8 GB file. You need to stream process with a regular expression. Google "regex csv" for examples. –  Michael Fox Mar 23 '14 at 11:09

Unfortunately, it looks like you need the DataStream abstraction, which we stopped including in DataFrames since not enough people worked on it to make it robust. The first 100 lines of https://github.com/JuliaStats/DataFrames.jl/blob/master/prototypes/datastream.jl should provide you with enough information to write your own streaming algorithm for working with CSV's.

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