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I'm working with this PHP Array and I'm trying to convert it into a string:

$args=shortcode_atts( array(
    'setting' => 'value',
    'setting' => 'value',
    'setting' => 'value',
), $atts);

The result should look like this:

' "setting":"value","setting":"value" '

I'm not sure how to loop through this? I've also noticed a lot of docs online that include the comma at the end of the last array item - is this ok or should I be in the habit of not including the comma?

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If you put a little effort into a more appropriate response I'd say thanks, without the douche. –  Aaron Mar 23 at 1:58

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I believe that you are looking for json encoded data:

$json = json_encode($args);
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Awesome, worked perfectly :) Thanks! –  Aaron Mar 23 at 1:31
You're welcome. –  Anonymous Mar 23 at 1:32

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