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I am trying to set up my own generator. But I have met a few problems:

but first of all, my folder which will have generated result not empty, and it looks like so:

- Sandbox
-- 1-Debug
--- T35M
---- elements and folders
--- T35
---- elements and folders

  1. How can I process current (the result of -> this.destinationRoot()) directory with existed files (somesite.co.uk ->)? For instance I want to copy all these files to a new one folder to make like so _Folder/somesite.co.uk...
  2. How can I go for each folder, file within the new one folder and store them into for example plain object, like so:

    For folder:
    { name: 'SomeFoldersName', type: 'folder' }

    For file:
    { name: 'SomeFilesName', type: 'file', extension: 'html' }

The main question is "How can I work on creating new project, but processing existed files"?

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