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I'm viewing a non-secured (i.e. no passwords applied for any option) pdf file in acrobat Pro 11.

I'm viewing the file at 144% magnification/zoom level. But whenever I click another bookmark (from bookmarks panel) or another page (from pages panel), the zoom is reset to full page (or whatever is set in 'Initial View' tab of the Document Properties dialouge. How can I avoid this. I mean, I want that whenever I navigate to other page or bookmark, the zoom shouldn't change to any other than whatever the current zoom percentage is.

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​Hey, the problem was troubling me too much and in the end I could SOLVE the same (google didn't help).

First, I had tried changing the settings properly at two places, in Adobe Preferences> Page Display. And in File Properties> Initial View. But still when I clicked any bookmark, it zoomed back to 'Fit to Page'.

What solved my problem, in the end, is that I selected any/all bookmarks (Ctrl+A) in the bookmarks palette, and then clicked the bookmarks palette menu (on the top left side of bookmarks palette)> Properties> Actions tab and there deleted (or edited) the actions present.

That's it. Thank you guys for your lovely answers ;)

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