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I have uploaded an app in app store that supports iOS7 and above. Now I would like to add a version to the same that supports iOS 5 and above but during validation and submission it shows some issues that it needs version higher than the previous. I don't get it Please help me out. please find below the image of the issues that i faced.!enter image description here

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they are talking about the version of your app, not of the available iOS allowed. You need to set a higher number for your app number version –  meronix Mar 23 at 7:35

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You need a higher version in info.plist. see the screenshot.

enter image description here

You can also change it from here..

enter image description here

In your case the version number may be 1.1. Hope this helps. :)


Go to info.plist form supporting Files from your project. Then make sure Bundle versions string, short and Bundle version is set to 1.1.

enter image description here

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I've changed the bundle version but it still shows an error with the bundle version mismatch and should be higher than the previous version. –  YaItsMe Mar 23 at 7:49
What is the version number of your app that you want to upload in itunes? –  Rashad Mar 23 at 7:50
version number is 1.1 and that is not the problem now. The CFBundle version is the one causing the problem –  YaItsMe Mar 23 at 7:51
can you post the new errors or the errors are same? –  Rashad Mar 23 at 7:55
LL post you the new errors... –  YaItsMe Mar 23 at 7:56

try to change version your app in *-Info.plist

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Ive changed the app version but still it shows the same error. –  YaItsMe Mar 23 at 7:35
I'm finding difficulties in changing the CFBundleVersion number –  YaItsMe Mar 23 at 7:36
What difficulties ? Not save? If yes, then save your project, close xcode and open with text editor your *-Info.plist file, change <CFBundleVersion>, after open your project and check <CFBundleVersion> –  Waki Mar 23 at 7:41
how do i find out the bundle version in my ituneConnect account. –  YaItsMe Mar 23 at 7:43
you can find in iTunesConnect -> "Manage Your Apps" -> YOUR APP -> "View details" -> "Binary Details" there you can find "Bundle Version" –  Waki Mar 23 at 8:06

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