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I'm having trouble running a simple bash script from Java. Specifically:


ProcessBuilder pb = new ProcessBuilder("/bin/bash", "-c", command);
pb.directory(new File(dir));
Process shell = pb.start();
int exitVal = shell.waitFor();

... where 'command' the absolute path to a bash script that is executable by all and 'dir' is the working directory.

When I run my program I get an exit code 127 ("command not found"). I've tried using the Java Runtime class and the process.exec method but neither have worked for me. Any suggestions?

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If "command" is a bash script, then instead of passing "/bin/bash" (and the erroneous "-c" like you're doing) to ProcessBuilder, just make sure that command is executable (chmod +x command), that the first line is #!/bin/bash, and then pass the full path to it into ProcessBuilder.

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Thanks! Got it working –  akobre01 Feb 13 '10 at 20:31

No -c. That means the script is the argument to -c. You are passing it a pathname, and you don't use -c for that.

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