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I am trying to add custom page CSS/JS to my partials via controllers, i have created a custom directive for it but when i am loading the CSS using it it gets unnecessary parameters which i don't want, and when i load JS using it my JS does not load the the right time(meaning the init functions written in the page gets called before, leaving the error)


app.directive('head', ['$rootScope','$compile',
    function($rootScope, $compile){
        return {
            restrict: 'E',
            link: function(scope, elem){
                var html = '<link rel="stylesheet" ng-repeat="(routeCtrl, cssUrl) in routeStyles" ng-href="{{cssUrl}}" />';
                scope.routeStyles = {};
                $rootScope.$on('$routeChangeStart', function (e, next, current) {
                    if(current && current.$$route && current.$$route.css){
                            current.$$route.css = [current.$$route.css];
                        angular.forEach(current.$$route.css, function(sheet){
                            delete scope.routeStyles[sheet];
                    if(next && next.$$route && next.$$route.css){
                            next.$$route.css = [next.$$route.css];
                        angular.forEach(next.$$route.css, function(sheet){
                            scope.routeStyles[sheet] = sheet;


app.config(['$routeProvider', function($routeProvider){
        .when('/some/route/1', {
            templateUrl: 'partials/partial1.html', 
            controller: 'Partial1Ctrl',
            css: 'css/partial1.css'
        .when('/some/route/2', {
            templateUrl: 'partials/partial2.html',
            controller: 'Partial2Ctrl',
            css: ['css/partial2_1.css','css/partial2_2.css']

Output I am getting


<link rel="stylesheet" ng-repeat="(routeCtrl, cssUrl) in routeStyles" ng-href="css/createtroll.css" class="ng-scope" href="css/partial2.css">


<script ng-repeat="(routeCtrl, scriptUrl) in routeScript" ng-src="js/page.css" class="ng-scope" src="css/scroll.js"></script>

I want know how to remove the ng-directives form the output and how to load js before document.ready so that I don't get the error. Any help is much appreciated.

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it seems that you are looking for a way to lazy-load some aspect of our AngularJS application by loading JS and CSS files asynchronously.

You cannot use controllers/directives for loading your files because your app has already been bootstrapped.

You'll need some kind of file/module loader, for example you can use RequireJS - a JavaScript file and module loader. there are already a lot of examples and implementation of RequireJS and AngularJS.


    baseUrl: "js",    
    paths: {
        'angular': '.../angular.min',
        'angular-route': '.../angular-route.min',
        'angularAMD': '.../angularAMD.min'
    shim: { 'angularAMD': ['angular'], 'angular-route': ['angular'] },
    deps: ['app']






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Is there a demo on how to achieve this using require and angular?? –  Alex Mar 23 at 10:02
as you can see I added some reference articles with examples. –  Alex Choroshin Mar 23 at 10:11
I found out the solution thanks using script.js –  Alex Mar 23 at 10:53
but still haven't haven't figured out a gud solution for CSS do you know?? –  Alex Mar 23 at 10:54
using require.js you can also add css files, I found this example : requirejs.org/docs/faq-advanced.html#css –  Alex Choroshin Mar 23 at 11:17

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