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OK so I've got this function which finds the average of all numbers in a file:

float averageOfNumbers(FILE *fp_in)
    int n=0,S=0;
    char red[1024];char *ptr;
    int p_a_h;
    float sr;

        ptr =red;
    while(p_a_h = strtol(ptr, &ptr, 10)){


    return sr;

It works fine when there are only numbers in the file but if it finds anything other than a digit, the program will crash. How can I make it so that the program ignores other symbols. For example here is a text file:

wdadwa 321 1231 das 421124 1 wdasdad 4 1412515
sad14312 yitiyt453534 3554312 sad -2 -53 -12 -231 #@!
#!312 -2 241 -46343 sada 21312 65454

Average should be: 310422

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feof() is wrongly used above. – pmg Mar 23 '14 at 10:04
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Add an additional check in the if condition.

p_a_h==0 && (strlen(ptr)>1 || (strlen(ptr)==1 && ptr[0]!='0'))

I am making use of the fact that strtol returns 0L if the conversion is invalid(if the string contains non-digit characters). But checking for this alone, also skips if the actual string contains 0. I leave the rest to understand it yourself.

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