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How can you configure or mutate a Google Wave gadget after creating one in Python? The following code will load the gadget via XML:

from waveapi import document
gadget = document.Gadget('')

The API reference says you can pass a dictionary of initial properties, but I can't find any information on where the gadget would specify those initial properties. There are mentions of a getField/setField pair of methods to mutate gadget properties, but I can't find an API reference of them or again find where the gadget would specify these properties.

This came up because I am adding a Wave gadget as part of the response by a Wave robot, as described in the Wave Extension FAQ.

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Gadget is derived from Element which states:

Although a Robot can query the properties of an element it can only interact with the specific types that the element represents.

The API does mention SubmitDelta() and get() , which seem like wrappers for setattr and getattr.

Discussion of (similar) issue here

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