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I'm currently having an assignment to write a bash script that can perform backup log (syslog, dmesg and message) files to a new directory. I wrote my script like this:

cd /var/log 
sudo cp syslog Assignment 

The file "Assignment" is in my home directory. When I used the "ls" command in my Assignment folder, I don't find a copy of syslog in there. Can someone tell me where did I go wrong? Thanks in advance.

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If you'll do this that way Assignment file will be created in /var/log/. Try to use full paths for both - source and dest. file. –  pawel7318 Mar 23 at 11:07

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I think you mean Assignment folder, not Assignment file. Anyways if you cd to /var/log, then when you do a cp in /var/log it will think Assignment is local to /var/log. If you do an ls in /var/log now you will see a copy of syslog called Assignment in /var/log. To get syslog copied to the assignment folder in your home directory you need to specify the absolute path not the relative path. Use the tilde, ~, to specify the home directory. So your script should say

cd /var/log
sudo cp syslog ~/Assignment/
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Hey man, thanks for the help, that was exactly what I needed. Its working now. Once again thank you so much for the help. Now I can finally complete my assignment. –  Jeremy Lai Wai Kit Mar 23 at 13:03

You can try this:

if ! [ $1 ] ; then
        echo "Usage:";
        echo $0 "<directory_where_to_save_logs>";

if [ ! -d "$1" ]; then
  echo "Creating directory $1";
  mkdir $1;

cp /var/log/syslog* $1
cp /var/log/dmesg* $1


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Hey thanks for the help with that script, although I actually needed gms9rc's answer. –  Jeremy Lai Wai Kit Mar 23 at 13:02

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