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This is my code for a CAKE PHP project. My Prospect model has association with some other models. at the very end of this code snippet I have unbind those Models, i don't need. but still my Query running very slow. Any Suggestion to improve my Query run faster.
function index(){

    $title = array();       
    $allowed_groups = array('1');
    $allow_all = false;

    foreach($allowed_groups as $allowed_group){
        if (in_array($allowed_group, $_SESSION['Authake']['group_ids'])) {
            $allow_all = true;


        $current_group_id = $this->Session->read('Authake.id');
        $current_user_id = $this->Session->read('Authake.id');
        $current_employee = $this->Employee->find('all', array(
            'conditions' => array(
                'Employee.user_id' => $current_user_id,

        $current_employee = $current_employee[0];
        $allChildren = $this->Employee->children($current_employee['Employee']['id']);

        $allids = array();
        $allids[] = $current_user_id;
        foreach($allChildren as $employee){
            $allids[] = $employee['Employee']['user_id'];

        $this->paginate['conditions']['AND']['OR']['Prospect.prospect_create_login_user_id'] = $allids;
        $this->paginate['conditions']['AND']['OR']['Prospect.prospect_updated_login_user_id'] = $allids;

    $this->paginate['conditions']['AND']['Prospect.projectstatus'] = '0';       
    $this->paginate['order'][]['Prospect.swofnumber'] = 'desc'; 

        'hasMany' => array('Deal','Bankguarantee','Delivery','Payment'),
        'belongsTo' => array('PriceValidator','OfferedBy','OrderAcceptBy','InventoryValidatedBy','Paymentmode','SolutionCreatedBy')
    ), false);

    $prospects = $this->paginate('Prospect');
    $title = implode(' | ',$title);
    $title = (isset($title)&&$title)?$title:__('All Posts',true);

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Run explain on the above query in mysql directly, then you will find the actual reason. –  Anubhav Mar 24 at 2:24

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