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after updating my ADT to the latest version, i am having frequent slowdowns and crashes..

lately this error happens more frequently than not. i had to force quit it resulting to unsaved activities..


i have already close all projects/libraries that isn't in use, its still slowing down even if there is only one project that is opened.

should i reinstall eclipse? what would happen to all of my projects and libraries? this is my first eclipse and this is the first time that this happened to me...

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Did you do Help/Check for updates, after upgrading the SDK? –  Funkystein Mar 23 at 12:47
yes, that's what i do to update.. –  Christian Burgos Mar 23 at 12:49
It's your first eclipse project, so why not give android studio a go? You could try it out during all the restarts eclipse seems to need. –  Poldie Mar 23 at 13:08
@Poldie there's a bit of misunderstanding, what i mean is this is my first install of eclipse not project.. i have not installed/ reinstalled eclipse before –  Christian Burgos Mar 23 at 13:09

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Change Target SDK in your manifest to 18 for the time being to avoid the crashes. Issue is with android-19. Wait for another update before switching back.

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  1. Remove all errors and warnings from your layouts.
  2. Make sure you are running the eclipse in admin mode (windows users)
  3. Go to your eclipse folder location -> open eclipse.ini file then change.

    -Dosgi.requiredJavaVersion=1.6 -Xms256m-Xmx512m



this may help you a little bit.

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