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If I put my private information into any Public PaaS (I'm currently using OpenShift environment), would it be open to Public? or to employees of the company? I fail to understand how public is a Public PaaS.


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Your information that you upload or deploy to your gear on OpenShift is private to your gear(s), Red Hat/OpenShift employees will not access the data on your gear unless you give us your permission.

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Good to know, but what is public about Public PaaS then? –  nCoM1kWuDFIjxZNd2zoE Mar 23 '14 at 22:31
That you can tell anyone on the internet to go visit your website, and that anyone can sign up and use it. Private PaaS would be hosted behind a corporate firewall etc –  corey112358 Mar 23 '14 at 23:14

if you use GIT for this, you can deploy gitolite on virtual private server for this. I think that a lot of collaboration tools can be deployed on VPSes or, if you do not trust it, you can bye your own PC and use it as server. I do the same, i have Rapsberry PI pc with some git repos and tasktracker / calendar/ LDAP applicaitons, that is used by me and my team.

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Hey, thanks for the reply. Rather than jumping towards the private alternatives, I want to understand to what extent these Public PaaS made the information publicly available. For example, when I created an account on OpenShift, I saw a clear message on my main repository domain: "this area is for your eyes only." But this is a Public PaaS? So, where and how is that public? –  nCoM1kWuDFIjxZNd2zoE Mar 23 '14 at 14:00

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