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when i use asXML() to output a ParsedResults as xml the tags sometimes do not match what i have specified in setResultsName().


import sys
import os
from pyparsing import *

a b c
x y z
ParserElement.setDefaultWhitespaceChars(" \t\r")
SOL = LineStart().leaveWhitespace().suppress()
EOL = LineEnd().suppress()

first = SOL + Word(alphas)('first')
second = Word(alphas)('second')
third = Word(alphas)('third') + EOL
line = Group(first + second + third).setResultsName('line')

print OneOrMore(line).setResultsName('mylines').searchString(mystring).asXML()

and this is my output


why is there one mylines tag nested in another at the top but then the next block is a line tag like i was expecting ?

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This is a bug in asXML(). – Paul McGuire Apr 8 '14 at 9:24

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