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How can I get seconds since epoch (1/1/1970) in VBA?

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How about:

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this doesn't allow for timezones, unix time is utc – iKode Apr 9 at 18:44

This should run faster than the DateDiff solution:

Private Function Long2Date(lngDate As Long) As Date
    Long2Date = lngDate / 86400# + #1/1/1970#
End Function

Private Function Date2Long(dtmDate As Date) As Long
    Date2Long = (dtmDate - #1/1/1970#) * 86400
End Function
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Here's a solution:

Function UnixTime() As Variant
    'The first parameter determines how the 
    ' difference will be measured in i.e. "S" for seconds
    UnixTime = DateDiff("S", "1/1/1970", Now())
End Function
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