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i have a varchar column in my table. sometimes the column data could be empty, and sometimes it may contain some strange characters. so i'm trying to change the data type of the column to decimal 15,4.

so here's my php code

mysql_query("ALTER TABLE income CHANGE total total DECIMAL (15,4)", $db);

i run the code without any problem (no errors) but when i checked the table income, the datatype has not been changed to decimal. but when i run the query directly into mysql, the column would be successfully changed to decimal, but not without mysql displaying some warnings like

  Warning Code : 1292
Truncated incorrect DECIMAL value: ''

but the point is, the datatype conversion is successful when I run the query directly in mysql (i'm using sqlyog), but not when i tried to run the query in php. any idea why? and how can I avoid this?

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emm what do you mean by that? –  imin Mar 23 at 16:10
Truncated incorrect DECIMAL value: '' - Doesn't this indicate you are submitting empty strings? –  misterManSam Mar 23 at 16:13
Prix - because some of the values are not derived from user input, instead it is derived from calculations within the system. so I can't just round the values there and then –  imin Mar 23 at 16:15
yup misterManSam,I'm aware of that. but my question is why is the query works when I run it directly in mysql, but not in php –  imin Mar 23 at 16:16
That is the misbehaving data. The error message is telling you that those rows can't be converted to DECIMAL because their values are invalid. You'll either have to change those values or delete the rows entirely. Also wouldn't 0 and '' be equivalent in this case? –  andrewtweber Mar 23 at 16:48

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When dealing with larger numbers (i.e. when selecting LENGTH()) the truncation does not happen when length >65 but rather at >81,

and then gives a warning about "Truncated incorrect DECIMAL value: ''" Which would have been incorrect already >65.

in your case you may have dealing with numbers hence length >15

EDIT: following your needs to make all values as decimal.

   UPDATE income SET total = CAST(total AS DECIMAL(15,4))
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ermm... so what should I do? –  imin Mar 23 at 16:45
litle difficult to say what you will do since you didnt show anything. you have already string data in your column and you converted column to decimal , delete your column and create otherone with new decimal values. –  echo_Me Mar 23 at 16:52
but why do the query works if i run it directly in mysql, but not in php? –  imin Mar 23 at 16:57
have you tried when you select this select CAST(total AS DECIMAL(15,4)) ? –  echo_Me Mar 23 at 17:00
echo_Me, the query you suggested runs well, but how is it related to converting the column's datatype from varchar to decimal? or can I integrate the query while converting the column's datatype? if yes, how should I do it? –  imin Mar 24 at 5:10

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