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Hi saw a few similar questions on this but i cant seem to get it to work for me im trying to attach a image logo.png to my action mailer welcome.html.erb file. The image is stored in app/assets/images/logo.png. my email send without a problem but the image will not appear for me. this is my action mailer

def welcome(user)
    @user = user
    attachments.inline['logo.png'] = File.read("#{Rails.root}/app/assets/images/logo.png")
    mail to: order.email, subject: 'Thank you for joining'

this is my html.erb and text.erb files

<%= image_tag attachments['logo.png'].url -%>

<%= image_tag attachments['logo.png'].url, alt: 'Photo Logo', class: 'photo' -%>

can anybody tell me why image wont appear in email im using gmail account

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