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In JMeter I have a CSV list of users, and each of these users is supposed to upload an amount of files. The files are listed in a second CSV. Each user must upload all files. Since the server can't handle all threads at once I set the Thread group to use X users and loop Y times, so that in the end all users upload all files.

 Test plan
 - CSV Data Set Config (contains users) --> Recycle = false, Stop thread on EOF = false
 - Thread Group (X users, Y loops)
 - - While Controller ( ${__javaScript("${uploadFile}"!="<EOF>")} )
 - - - CSV Data Set Config (contains files) --> Recycle = false, Stop thread on EOF = false
 - - - HTTP Request (upload file)

For the first loop this all works OK: X threads are started. In each of the threads the files-CSV is opened and each users uploads all files. Then the second Thread-Group-loop starts, the next users are taken from the users-CSV, but when those threads come to the while-loop containing the files-CSV, they don't upload anything. It seems like they re-use the files-CSV from the first loop, and consider the CSV to be EOF or something like that.

As an example, the results with 3 threads/users and 2 loops looks like this:

**first loop**
user 1
  upload file 1
  upload file 2
  upload file 3
user 2
  upload file 1
  upload file 2
  upload file 3
user 3
  upload file 1
  upload file 2
  upload file 3
**second loop**
user 4
user 5
user 6

The users from the second loop should also go through the files-CSV and upload the files. Any idea what I am doing wrong? Thanks in advance!!

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I think you need to enable Recycle on EOF. I would also check logs of jmeter for some kind of hints about, why jmeter is not sending any more requests.

From the jmeter documentation,

When the end of file (EOF) is reached, and the recycle option is true, 
reading starts again with the first line of the file.

If the recycle option is false, and stopThread is false, then all the 
variables are set to <EOF> when the end of file is reached. This value 
can be changed by setting the JMeter property csvdataset.eofstring . 
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Hi Manish, thanks for your answer. Unfortunately setting "Recycle on EOF" to "true" doesn't help, I already tried that. When I set that to "true", then the test runs forever. I also tried changing the "Stop thread on EOF"-setting, and any combination of those two settings. I pasted the JMeter log here: In that test case I set the number of thread/users to 3, and the tread group to loop 2 times. The first three users open the CSV, the second 3 users don't. – David Mar 24 '14 at 9:14
If I understand correctly, you want all users to upload all the files once and do it y times. In that case, you will have to set two parameters, Sharing mode => Current thread - each file is opened separately for each thread AND Stop thread on EOF? => True. Also, with this setting, your while loop do not need any condition check. – Manish Sapariya Mar 24 '14 at 11:47
Thanks again for your ideas. However, for some reason that doesn't work. (logs: As you suggested, I set the CSV Data Set Config to: Stop thread on EOF = True, Sharing mode = current thread. I also removed the condition from the While-controller. Now when I run the test, the first thread group is started and each user opens the files-CSV. Then the log shows "End of file detected" --> closes the CSV, finishes the Thread. No result in the results tree, the second group of users isn't started. Do you know any alternative method to do this? – David Mar 24 '14 at 13:49
Hmm.. I thought a new loop of thread will start new thread and reopen the file again, but looks like that is not the case. In that case, you will have to set to stop thread on EOF to false and use some other termination condition in your while controller, e.g. if you know number of lines/records in csv, pass that as another parameter/property and use that variable to break out of loop. – Manish Sapariya Mar 25 '14 at 13:24

So this is how I set this up:


I set the Users CSV to Stop on End of File (and not Recycle on EOF).

I set the Files CSV to Recycle on End of File (and not Stop on EOF).

Note that I only have 1 user per thread. Yes, you will run more Thread Loops, but each Loop will be shorter.

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