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What's the best way to validate data being inserted or updated into MongoDB?

Is it to write some sort of server executed Javascript code that does the validation?

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MongoDB doesn't have constraints or triggers so the application has to validate the data.

You can also write Javascript scripts that check once a day or more if there is invalid data. You can use this to check the quality of the business logic of your application.

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I think it would be normal for your app to handle this kind of thing. If the data is invalid in some way, don't let it get added to the datastore until the user has corrected whatever error you have detected.

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I've just started using MongoDB and PHP together, inside a Zend Framework based application.

I have created 1 object for each MongoDB collection (e.g. User.php maps to the user collection). Each object knows what collection it maps to, and what fields are required. It also knows which filters (Zend_Filter_Input) and validators (Zend_Validate) should be applied to each field. Before doing a MongoDB insert() or save(), I run $object->isValid(), which executes all the validators. If they all pass isValid() will return true, and I proceed to run the insert() or save(), otherwise I display the errors.

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Starting in 2.4, MongoDB enables basic BSON object validation for mongod and mongorestore when writing to MongoDB data files. This prevents any client from inserting invalid or malformed BSON into a MongoDB database. source: http://docs.mongodb.org/manual/release-notes/2.4/

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