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Wondering if it's a simple way to export my database in phpmyadmin into my local sql server 2012? I have never done that before, so very curious if and how that will be done.

Which type of file will it be exported from phpmyadmin ?

sql ?

Thanks for helping!

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You can try; although the two systems are different, they're both database servers that speak SQL. The resulting file may or may not load effortlessly (in theory, it should). From within phpMyAdmin, you'll go to the Export page of the database you wish to export. Select the "Custom" radio button and SQL as the file type (which is the default anyway, so there's nothing to change, just double-check it).

Now under the "Format-specific options" header, look for "Database system or older MySQL server to maximize output compatibility with:" and select MSSQL. Finish exporting the file and try importing it to your Microsoft SQL Server. In theory, the export will have changed all the specific commands so that your SQL Server can import it without any manual effort.

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Thanks for helping. I will take a look of how it will be done. –  user3270211 Mar 25 at 8:16
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