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In my application I'm using this implementation of erlang-iconv. Simple test suite:



-export([all/0, suite/0, init_per_suite/1, end_per_suite/1,

all() ->

suite() ->
    [{timetrap, {minutes, 1}}].

init_per_suite(Config) ->

end_per_suite(Config) ->

simple_test_case(_Config) ->

On attempt to run this suite:

ct_run -pa ebin/ deps/*/ebin/ deps/*/deps/*/ebin/ -dir test/ -logdir logs/ -suite example_SUITE

=INFO REPORT==== 23-Mar-2014::19:45:30 ===
    application: iconv
    exited: {{shutdown,
    type: temporary
Testing web.wasearch.example_SUITE: TEST COMPLETE, 1 ok, 0 failed of 1 test cases

This error is kind of obvious because erlang-iconv depend on C drive in its priv_dir:

init([]) ->
    case erl_ddll:load_driver(get_so_path(), iconv_drv) of
        ok -> ok;
        {error, already_loaded} -> ok
    Port = open_port({spawn, "iconv_drv"}, []),
    ets:new(iconv_table, [set, public, named_table]),
    ets:insert(iconv_table, {port, Port}),
    {ok, Port}.

get_so_path() ->
    case code:priv_dir(iconv) of
        {error, _} -> "./priv";
        Path -> Path

How can I trick erlang-iconv and force it to look up C driver in other location (absoulute path to iconv's priv_dir in my project's deps directories)?

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Did you try -pa deps/erlang-iconv (or sth similar, I don't know the paths. Try to point -pa to the erlang-iconv directory)? – evnu Mar 24 '14 at 13:01
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Shot from the hip: Set ERL_LIBS appropriately.

Your priv_dir should be set up correctly and belong to the iconv application, but since the Erlang system did not pick that up, I am guessing your -pa adds doesn't track this. Setting ERL_LIBS to include deps might do the trick for the build.

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So, the problem was in name of folder for erlang-iconv dependency! After renaming it from erlang-iconv to iconv - code:priv_dir(iconv) begins to return correct path. It works without ERL_LIBS variable, but thanks for the hint - reading documentation about code module helped me to find an answer. – Anton Koval' Mar 24 '14 at 20:38

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