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If my app needs to reboot the system to change something and I'd like it to automatically continue its actions after the reboot, how can I add a key to the registry (more importantly, where in the registry) to launch the app on the first reboot? Just to be clear, I want this reboot-launch to happen only once. In other words, once the computer reboots, the app is launched, and on the next bootup/reboot, it isn't launched automatically.

Should this be done by just adding a "launch at startup" key and then removing it? I have a feeling that there's a dedicated registry area for reboot actions.

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Yup, there is. The RunOnce key.

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Looks good. Could you point me to some sample code that shows how to add an app to it? Thx. – Maxim Zaslavsky Mar 17 '10 at 14:52

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