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I want to use Monad comprehensions in Coq. Since I thought it is very difficult for me to implement notations which needs MonadPlus such as [ x | x <- m, x < 4 ], I didn't try to implement such notations. I therefore wrote following code.

Notation "[ e | x <- m1 , .. , y <- m2 ]"
  := (m1 >>= (fun x => .. (m2 >>= (fun y => e)) ..))
  (x closed binder, y closed binder).

However, it didn't work and I got this error.

Error: m1 is expected to occur in binding position in the right-hand side.

I think Coq interpreted "[ m | x <- m1 , .. , y <- m2 ]" (Coq code) as "[ m | x <- ( m1 , .. , y ) <- m2 ]" (pseudo-code). But I don't have solutions for this problem. Any help would be appreciated.

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