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i'm working in a tomography project and i would like to plot 3d slice of a velocity model using meshgrid and slice. Something like this or this

Here's my code

     c=100 %grid
        r= 5  %radius
        rt= 8 %height

         for i = 1:c
    for j = 1:c
        for k = 1:c
        jarak1 = sqrt(((i-1)-r)^2+((j-1)-r)^2);
        jarak2 = sqrt((i-r)^2+((j-1)-r)^2);
        jarak3 = sqrt(((i-1)-r)^2+(j-r)^2);
        jarak4 = sqrt((i-r)^2+(j-r)^2);
        jarak5 = k;
        if (jarak1 < r) &&(jarak2 < r) &&(jarak3 < r) &&(jarak4 < r) && (jarak5 < (rt+1))

    [X,Y,Z] =  meshgrid(0:c,0:c,0:c);
    xslice = 50; yslice = 50; zslice = 50;

I expected a cylinder, got error message instead.

??? Error using ==> interp3 at 128
Matrices X,Y and Z must be the same size as V.

Error in ==> slice at 104
    vi = interp3(x,y,z,v,xi,yi,zi,method);

Any thought?

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You need to pre-allocate for Vmodel, because otherwise with the IF conditional, it's not sizing upto the sizes of X, Y and Z. So, add, this before the loops - Vmodel = zeros(c+1,c+1,c+1);. Still not getting me a cylinder though, maybe the pre-allocation has to be something else? –  Divakar Mar 23 '14 at 21:10
Yes it worked. I modified the loops, i can get the cylinder now. Thanks! –  user3096393 Mar 23 '14 at 22:08

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