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I need to store some data files for my blackberry app. These are usually small png files that I download and store locally for performance reasons. Also I need to store an xml file locally.

My question is where are these files supposed to be saved on a blackberry? Is there such a thing as an application's home folder or settings folder in the blackberry filesystem?

What would be the path to such a folder?

This is for blackberry os 4.7 or later.


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If it's not a huge amount of data (and by the sounds of it, it's not), take a look at the PersistentStore mechanism. You can store many types of data including native types (String, Integer, etc.) and even byte[] data (for images) using PersistentContent. The nice thing about PersistentStore is that it doesn't require any sort of filesystem access -- it doesn't leave files hanging around -- and if you include a custom class in the persistent store for your app (even a simple subclass of an existing persistible class such as Hashtable), it will automatically delete your persisted data if the app is deleted.

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There's no official home folder for your application. In blackberry you can basically read/write just about anything/anywhere (well, you might get a SecurityException/IOException if you'll try do change some files). You can write to the SDCard/Internal memory using the paths described here. If you're worried about someone seeing and altering your data there's not much you can do except setting your files and directories as hidden using FileConnection.setHidden(true) but this is very lame since they can still be seen even from the native BlackBerry file browser if the user chooses to show hidden files from the menu.

Edit: You could of course encrypt/decrypt your data but this won't prevent someone from deleting it.

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