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I have a table in the database with an SMTP server settings and I'm using PHP Mailer to send emails based on these data. I've done tests using GMAIL and YAHOO, both work perfectly in local network, but when I upload the file to my hosting server, it returns the following error: '. SMTP connect () failed' Why is this happening?

Below is my code and the example of my table in the database:

PHP Code> http://pastebin.com/h1KJMGnr

Table> http://imgur.com/AfE6mE3

Result on localhost> {"error": 0, "msg": "Email sent successfully!"}

Result on remote host> {"error": 1, "msg": ". SMTP connect () failed"}

Remembering that the local network, works with GMAIL and YAHOO but the remote server NONE of them are working!

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