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I want to loop through about 15,000 files each having ~16,000 lines. Each file has 3 columns. I want to check, 3 lines at a time, if some condition is met. If it is, I want to then write out part of the file (shown below).

The condition I want to meet is, if column 3 has a value of 30 or more in all 3 lines, then print out: the name (column1), the first and last value of column 2, and the values from column 3. It should then search the next three lines in the file for the same condition. The input looks like this:

d3.1    1       2
d3.1    2       2
d3.1    3       2
d3.1    4       31
d3.1    5       50
d3.1    6       40
d3.1    7       13 

The output should look like this:

d3.1   4   6   31   50   40

I've got something like this now but I'm not sure how to search through column 3, 3 lines at a time and reformat the output:

for (i in 1:15000){
  file <- list.files('~/dir',full.names=T)
  x <- fread(file[i], header=F)}
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An attempt at the guts of the functon:

dat <- data.table(V1="d3.1",V2=1:7,V3=c(2,2,2,31,50,40,13))

dat$grp <- rep(1:ceiling(nrow(dat)/3),each=3)
dat[, if(all(V3>30)) c(as.character(V1[1]),V2[1],V2[3],as.list(V3)), by=grp]

#   grp   V1 V2 V3 V4 V5 V6
#1:   2 d3.1  4  6 31 50 40
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I tried your code but it fails when I increase the length of the dataframe. For example: require(data.table) dat <- data.table(V1="d3.1",V2=1:14,V3=c(2,2,2,31,50,40,13,90,100,31,1,2,3,40)) dat$grp <- rep(1:ceiling(nrow(dat)/3),each=ceiling(nrow(dat)/3)) dat[, if(all(V3>30)) c(as.character(V1[1]),V2[1],V2[3],as.list(V3)), by=grp] –  user3141121 Mar 23 at 23:50
Also, when u increase the rows of the dataframe, the grp column the commands no longer search by just 3 rows at a time. –  user3141121 Mar 23 at 23:52
@user3141121 - apologies, there was an error in the dat$grp code - it is fixed now. You will get a warning if the number of rows can not be evenly divided by 3, but that is to be expected. –  thelatemail Mar 24 at 0:04
Thanks. This works. –  user3141121 Mar 24 at 0:17
I'm getting this error. Any way to get around it? Error in [.data.table(x.out, , if (all(V3 > 30)) c(as.character(V1[1]), : j doesn't evaluate to the same number of columns for each group –  user3141121 Mar 24 at 1:18

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