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Whenever I write a function and then run it in the Shell, it comes up blank. I have only been programming for about a month so don't make things very difficult.

My code looks like this:

def intro():

   print("hello world")

Then when I run it, it . No air message pops up. Except in my code the 2 lines are touching

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How are you invoking the function? – Paulo Bu Mar 23 '14 at 23:33
Can you write how you call it from the shell? are you defining it in a file (for example and then importing it? – Ruben Bermudez Mar 23 '14 at 23:33

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You wrote a function; now you have to tell it to run the function!


def intro():                # <= this tells Python what "intro" means
    print("hello, world")

intro()                     # <= this tells Python to actually do it
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You need to call your function! Do this with intro() after the function is defined (Hugh has a nice example above my answer). Better read up on some basics first ;) Codeacademy has an awesome Python course if you're interested.

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