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I found this excellent tutorial and I have modified it to load data from a database using REST and now I need to save it back but stuck on where to do this/how to get the values out.

Would I do the saving in self.editFruit = function (fruit) { after fruit.beginEdit(self.editTransaction); ? in FireBug I set a breakpoint on the fruit object but can't see the properties, i.e do something like var name = fruit.name but if I put name in an alert I just see a function, no property.

Any pointers?

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I am a little confused about how you are trying to save, but to see the name in the alert you must unwrap the property.

var x = fruit.name();

or depending on how your vm is set

var x = fruit().name();
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I haven't got to the stage of saving yet, can't even manage to read the properties :s, where would you add that line in the jsfiddle? –  John Doe Mar 24 at 2:06
What jsdiddle?? I did not see one in your post, and also, you get the values of observables my using it like a function (). Add parentheses to the end of properties –  QBM5 Mar 24 at 2:16
I would also suggest you spend some time on knockoutjs.com to brush up on the basics before you try to build a knockout app. There alot to it –  QBM5 Mar 24 at 2:18
third word in my post is a link, not sure how you could answer without looking at it, much of my post couldn't have made sense :D –  John Doe Mar 24 at 2:24

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