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I use fiddler core to intercept the request and provide a response to it. I know its possible to use saz files to save the response. But the problem is that I need to be able to customize the response. While its a saz file I cant customize the response manually.

Is there a way to save response caught by fiddler to a text file in json like format, so that I could edit it and could serve it as response to any request using fiddler core? For now i see I can save response as a plain text. But how do I load this request to fiddler or parse it with fiddler core to populate all the response properties? Is there some format I could use, that will allow me to manually edit the response?

UPDATE I see I can just open saz archive, make my edits to reponse and use it to specify the response. Thats exactly what I was looking for. Also there is a way to save response session as har file. Is it possible to save one single response as har/saz file? Currently I can only save session and it contain all requests and responses. Is there a way to limit saved data to 1 request and 1 response?

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Your "update" introduces a new and unrelated question; it would be better to file a new question rather than trying to have a conversation here. You can save as few or as many sessions to a SAZ file as you like. –  EricLaw Mar 25 '14 at 18:47

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You have a SAZ file, which contains the full content of a response. Your code may load the SAZ File into FiddlerCore using the Utilities.ReadSessionArchive method. You will then have an array of Session objects.

As FiddlerCore receives requests, you can evaluate whether or not you wish to reply to each request using a previously-loaded response or whether you want to instead let the request flow through to the server. To let the request flow through to the server, do nothing.

To return a previously-generated response, in FiddlerCore (not yet released), simply call utilAssignResponse on the new Session. For earlier versions of FiddlerCore without this new method, your OnBeforeRequest method should call a method that looks something like this:

public void utilAssignResponse(Session oS, HTTPResponseHeaders oRH, byte[] arrBody)
  oS.oResponse.headers = (HTTPResponseHeaders)oRH.Clone();
  oS.responseBodyBytes = arrBody ?? Utilities.emptyByteArray;
  oS.oFlags["x-Fiddler-Generated"] = "Generated by myCode";
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Eric, the problem of saz file is that I cant edit it manually. I mean content is in zipped. Is there any way to load response that is in plain text mode or in some format that I can edit, say in notepad? –  Yaroslav Yakovlev Mar 24 '14 at 23:56
You can edit a SAZ file using Fiddler. Open it. Select any session, right-click and choose Unlock for Editing. Edit the Session. Right-click and untick Unlock for Editing. Save the SAZ file once you're done modifying it. (Alternatively, your code can edit the Sessions after loading them from the SAZ file). –  EricLaw Mar 25 '14 at 18:46

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