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Maybe I'm not getting the whole trait system so I thought I'd ask StackOverFlow.

I made my first trait...

trait MY_Stat
  var $dex;
  var $int;
  var $str;

I can't manage to make it work with my class whatsoever ( in another file ) ....

class MY_Mobile
  use MY_Stat;

  public function __construct($params = NULL)

I'm always hitting this wall :

Fatal error: Trait 'MY_Trait' not found in ...\wamp\www\game\application\libraries\MY_Mobile.php

I would like to have this trait in many classes, namely, Mobiles, Items, etc... Am I supposed to have the definition of the trait in the same file as the class ?

On a sidenote, if you're using codeigniter, how did you manage to make it load, are you setting your traits into a helper file, library file... ?

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Are you sure both files are in the same namespace? –  code-jaff Mar 24 at 9:05
Codeignter has no support to load traits like they do for classes. I think you need to manually include them. @code-jaff I don't think he has any namespace issue. –  Rahil Wazir Mar 24 at 9:34
@RahilWazir Of course yes, but it's not only for CI. But class namespaces affect the traits include as well. Unless the class and the traits share the same namespace trait should be included with fully qualified namespace. –  code-jaff Mar 24 at 10:37
But, the default global namespace \ doesn't effect traits. And you should know that CI has no support for namespace either. –  Rahil Wazir Mar 24 at 11:01
@RahilWazir I would love to include them, but I think I'm missing it. I tried to load them as a helper from autoload, didn't quite do the trick. How could I include them from the class so that everytime I'm referencing my library, the traits would load. Isn't $this->load->helper/view/library the equivalent of including ? –  SantaClauss Mar 24 at 13:18

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Well you can workout this problem by doing something like this:




if (!trait_exists('MY_Stat')) {
    trait MY_Stat
        public $dex;
        public $int;
        public $str;

In your library just include the trait class (as i said) manually. After the !defined('BASEPATH'); line.

Your Library:

include APPPATH . 'helpers/your-trait-class.php';

class YourLibrary {
    use MY_Stat;

and use trait class properties within your library methods like this:

$this->dex = 0.1;
$this->int = 1;
$this->str = 'Hello';
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I've managed to do it by helpers too after much work ! –  SantaClauss Mar 24 at 15:15

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